Farco-fill® Protect

Innovative, sterile solution for catheter inflation for indwelling catheters and simultaneous reduction of encrustations

Farco-fill® Protect is the innovative, sterile solution for catheter inflation by FARCO-PHARMA that at the same time can reduce encrustations, thereby helps to protect the patient from complications that can occur when the indwelling catheter is removed or replaced. Farco-fill® Protect is offered as a sterile ready-to-use syringe and suitable for use with transurethral and suprapubic catheters made of silicone and rubber.

Protection against complications and urinary tract infections

Farco-fill® Protect contains Triclosan, a substance with physico-chemical properties that makes this product unique. After inflating the balloon of the catheter with the sterile solution Farco-fill® Protect, the contained Triclosan diffuses to the surface of the catheter balloon and is thus inhibit the formation of a biofilm right from the start. Farco-fill® Protect protects the patient against complications during removal and replacement of indwelling catheters and against urinary tract infections.

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Fields of application

  • Sterile solution for the inflation of suprapubic and transurethral indwelling catheters


  • Less encrustations of the catheter
  • Sterile solution for catheter inflation with an anti-encrustation effect
  • Less encrustations of the catheter
  • Fewer blockages
  • Less frequent occlusion of the catheter
  • Sterile, ready-to-use syringe is easy to handle